Your First Visit

We are thrilled you have decided to trust Coppell Heritage Dentistry with your oral health! Our practice is committed to providing you and your family with gentle, safe, high quality dental care. Dr. Pruett and our talented staff are proud to offer a variety of services to help you obtain your best oral health and a beautiful smile! We know that many patients feel anxious about visiting the dentist. Our goal is to make you comfortable in our office while providing the best care possible.

Comprehensive Exam

Most patients’ first visit to our office is for a comprehensive exam. This is our chance to get to know you and evaluate your oral health. Your completed new patient forms will help us understand your medical and dental history, as well as any concerns you may have about the state or your oral health. We will take a number of records which could include a panoramic x-ray, smaller detailed intraoral x-rays, intraoral photos, oral cancer screening, and periodontal probing depths, which measure gum health. Our dental hygienists and doctors will discuss your oral health with you, explaining any concerns we may have and trying to understand your concerns. We will work together to discuss any recommended treatment and prioritize a treatment plan for you. If you are scheduled with the hygienist and we determine that a regular cleaning (adult prophy) is appropriate for your periodontal health, your teeth will be cleaned during this appointment. However, if we determine that you have periodontal disease and will need a deep cleaning (scaling and root planing), we will most likely bring you back for your cleaning at a separate appointment. Before you leave our office you will receive a detailed copy of your prioritized treatment plan, including all associated costs and the estimated portion your insurance will pay, if applicable. If you are interested in becoming a member of one of our in-house discount plans, we will determine which plan is best suited for you at this time. If your treatment plan is particularly complicated, we may request that you come back to receive your treatment plan options after the dentist has had extra time to study your records. Dr. Pruett’s comprehensive exams are very thorough, so please plan to be at the office for 75-90 minutes for this visit.

Limited Exam

Some patients’ first visit to our office is to address a specific concern about their oral health. Some examples of common limited exams are if a patient has a toothache, broken crown, or hurting gums. If you have a specific problem please call us to get scheduled for a limited exam. We will be happy to evaluate your chief concern. We would love for you to come back for a comprehensive exam after your immediate complaint is resolved.

Dental Emergencies

If you have a life threatening emergency, contact 911 IMMEDIATELY. We accept walk-in emergencies and will do our best to get you an appointment that day. Our patients of record are welcome to call the office phone for instructions on how to contact Dr. Pruett after hours. See our Emergency Dental Care Tips page for possible first-aid care instructions.