Sleep Apnea & Airway Treatment

Dr. Pruett is deeply devoted to improving the quality of life for her patients suffering with airway obstructed breathing, which is why she has trained to become a Vivos provider.

The Vivos System is an advanced therapy that combines oral appliance technology developed by Vivos. It is prescribed by specially-trained independent dentists in cooperation with their medical colleagues.

The videos below share why airway obstruction is so prevalent in our society, how it affects our overall health and how Dr. Pruett can help eliminate the symptoms by treating the cause.

Right To Grow

This video explains the effects of airway obstruction on a child and why it is so important to have a fully functioning airway.

What Happens To Your Body
And Brain If You Don’t Get Sleep

Sleep expert Matthew Walker breaks down the many effects of sleep deprivation on your brain and body.

“The Why”

Learn why airway obstruction influences the everyday lives of those affected and why it became so prevalent in our society.

Vivos Testimonial – Dr. Tara Griffin

Dr. Tara Griffin was her own first Vivos patient. Her phenomenal results inspired many of her patients to begin Vivos treatment as well.

Connecting Sleep Disordered Breathing and ADD/ADHD

Dr. Miraglia explains the connection between sleep disordered breathing and ADD/ADHD.

Airway and TMJ

See how obstructed airways negatively affect the TMJ, resulting in tension headaches, shoulder and neck pain and many other symptoms.

Finding Connor Deegon

Connor Deegan was not treated with a Vivos appliance, but this is a powerful example of how improving the airway can have such a significant impact on the life of the patient and those in relationship with him or her.

Baby Eli

Eli’s mom is a nurse and took this video to share how her baby, along with so many others, struggle to breathe while sleeping.

Home Sleep Test Instructions

Dr. Pruett provides a convenient at-home sleep test to help gather information about your sleep quality. Here are a few tips & instructions for operating your sleep test.