Post-Op Care | Crowns

  • Do not chew anything after your visit until your anesthesia wears off. Be careful to avoid chewing on your cheeks, lips, or gums.

  • If you a wearing a temporary crown, be cautious to protect it. Avoid hard foods that may break the temporary crown and sticky foods or gum that could pull it off. If your temporary crown comes off it is not an emergency, but it should be replaced. Call the office and we will be happy to bring you in to recement your temporary crown.

  • You may experience some sensitivity in your tooth or soreness in your gums after your tooth is prepared for a crown. Take Ibuprofen for sensitivity and carefully swish with warm salt water to help your gums heal.

  • It is normal to have some sensitivity after your permanent crown is cemented. This should subside after a few days but can take as long as several weeks. If you feel that your bite is “high” or “off” contact the office for a bite adjustment.