Post-Op Care | Dentures, Night Guards & Retainers

Removable appliances take some getting used to. It is normal to have trouble keeping them in for long periods of time at first. Try to push yourself to wear them a little longer each day (or night). Remember dentures should not be worn while sleeping!

  • It is normal to develop sore spots under new dentures. Call the office if you experience discomfort as we are happy to have you in for an adjustment.  A series of three adjustments are included in the cost of your denture.

  • Clean your dentures, guard, or retainers as discussed at your delivery appointment.

  • Keep your dentures, guard  and retainers away from pets! Dogs love to use your new appliance as chew toys!

  • Never wrap your dentures, guard, or retainers in a paper towel or tissue as this is a very common way for them to accidentally be thrown away!